Carbon Dioxide Supply Solutions

Carbon Dioxide Supply Solutions

Carbon Dioxide Supply in Africa

In Africa the Carbon Dioxide supply infrastructure is poorly developed, where the burning of diesel produces much of the required carbon dioxide. As a result, many large users have been forced to become carbon dioxide producers themselves leading to the rise of numerous smaller plants, which are complex to operate and require technical skills that are either not readily available or very expensive.

Kryo Afrika is an ASCO accredited agent for sub-Saharan Africa.

Carbon Dioxide applications in Africa

- Carbonation of soft drinks and beer
- A cost-effective and safe pH control chemical for water treatment in desalination operations
- Food preservation and freezing of high-value seafood

The buffering capabilities and safe handling make it technically better than hydrochloric or sulphuric acid.

Beverage and Brewing requirements

In the beverage and brewing industries there is a daily and long-term requirement for Carbon Dioxide to put the fizz into the bottle. A shortage of carbon dioxide negatively impacts production and targeted volume output.

Carbon Dioxide Supply Chain Solutions

Kryo Afrika has extensive knowledge of the complexity of producing, storing and transporting Carbon Dioxide and is able to provide assistance at all points in the supply chain. Our carbon dioxide supply chain solutions include:

- Sourcing and design of a plant for recovering or generating Carbon Dioxide
- Operation management of plant once installed
- Optimise operations of existing plants
- Training to ensure economically sustainable operation of plant
- Provision of ad hoc product during periods of excess demand or plant failure

Our industry experience has helped us shape the following packaged service offerings:

- ASCO Opportunity Audit – download the details here

- Trouble Shooting Response to plant breakdowns – download the details here

We provide a one stop capability from supplying plants to managing and optimising plants, and if required, we are able to supply Carbon Dioxide directly in 20 foot ISO containers.