Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions

Mining and oil exploration take place all over Africa, often in remote locations where local gas infrastructure is often under-developed and the available methods of supply can be cumbersome and expensive.

Kryo Afrika’s experience in providing gas solutions in 15 African countries since 1998 positions us well to develop efficient supply solutions that meets any large requirement.

We are able to provide gases for:

- Mines for process or analysis
- Oil rigs for purging, blanketing and inerting
- Oil pipelines for welding, pigging and cleaning
- Bottling and brewing
- Big industrial projects for welding or purging

We have the capability to provide large quantities of gas in a mode that suits uniquely African requirements.

- 20 foot cryogenic Is Containers
- Mini-bulk up to 1 tonne
- Manifolded cylinder pallets
- Individual cylinders
- A combination of more than one of the above

Where the required infrastructure doesn’t exist, we are able to custom-build to your specification.

In need of an infrastructure solution to optimise your gas supply? Contact us today!