Argon Supply in Africa

Argon Supply in Africa

Argon is only manufactured in a handful of sites across Africa. The impact of this limitation in supply means that Brew-house engineers, Metallurgists, Mine Project Engineers and Oilfield Service Engineers could not generally rely on a reliable cost-effective supply of Argon. This failure of the gas supply industry has resulted in complex expensive supply solutions.

Kryo Afrika provides a simple solution using cryogenic Argon in step with carefully designed delivery systems. 

Our specially selected ISO containers are placed on the project site where the liquid Argon can be transferred into cylinders or smaller cryogenic vessels. When feasible, we will pipe Argon directly to the user.

The benefits are significant:

- Enhanced management of stock
- Enhanced safety due to lower pressures
- Enhanced safety due to reduced number of cylinders required
- Simplified re-order procedures
- Stable and cost-effective supply

Our Impact
While the cost of Argon in overall project costs is often very small, the absence of Argon often results in loss of production as the project comes to a standstill.

We were pleased to implement our full solution to a mine in the Katanga mining region in the DRC where Argon availability improved from 30 % to 99.5%  with our system.

But the real benefit was stable reliable information to plant metallurgists giving them the power to optimise their process.

System Design
Should you wish to engage Kryo Afrika on any project then early discussions tend to generate great solutions. We need to know as much as possible about the life of your project in order to design a system that is best for your needs.