Get more from your Carbon Dioxide plant with our Opportunity Audit

Get more from your Carbon Dioxide plant with our Opportunity Audit

Does your production plant ever suffer from Carbon Dioxide shortages? Is diesel expensive and are you getting the full benefit for your diesel bill?

ASCO has appointed Kryo Afrika as its agent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kryo Afrika is an independent gas company that has been providing technical support and training in Africa for many years.

We operate out of South Africa, which means access to most countries is easy thereby enabling us to respond to emergencies.

We have several service packages designed to help you get the most out of your ASCO Carbon Dioxide plant. We highly recommend our Opportunity Audit as a means to establish how best to maximise your Carbon Dioxide plant.

Opportunity Audit is a two day visit to your plant followed by a report, that always provides insights and ideas of how to save money and / or increase output. Our experience has shown that this exercise is self-funding.

Opportunity Audit - how it works

1. Once you have agreed to the Opportunity Audit you provide us with as much operational data as is practical;

2. We carry out a pre-visit data review;

3. Our technician visits your plant and carries out a detailed audit, where operator knowledge, plant condition and actual performance will be assessed;

4. Brief exit feedback will be provided before the technician leaves the site;

5. A detailed action plan will be compiled, which will submitted within 10 days of return from the site visit.

Opportunity Audit - key benefits from the visit

1. Establish your plants current baseline performance;

2. Establish a clear target for improvement and attempt to quantify the value in achieving this target;

3. Identify the low hanging fruit and make this very clear to you;

4. Provide some technical support on the first visit;

5. Develop an improvement plan.

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